the last beholder

I write a young adult fantasy adventure series with my writing partner, Megan Beam.


You can purchase it here or here.

Here are some recent reviews:

“This book has everything you could want in a story. It fills a void left by wonderful authors of the past. You'll want to read book #2 as soon as you finish!” — Amazon Review

“Stayed up till 1am finishing this book because it’s just. That. Good. The character development and story arc make you fall in love with this quirky ensemble. I loved the creativity and new ideas this book brings, while still feeling grounded in emotional and relational reality. I will admit I was a little confused in the beginning, but that quickly dissipated with such smart action and adventure. Amazing dialogue, twists that surprised but didn’t feel out of the blue, and some beautiful imagery and “life lessons,” if you will. Cannot wait for for the 3rd book (because the 2nd was AMAZING!).” — Amazon Review

“My son and I read this together and it quickly rose to the top of our favorites in the company of CS Lewis and Tolkein. The story is captivating, the characters so endearing, and the message deep and convicting.
The Last Beholder was our daily escape into a wonderful fantasy world of endless possibilities. It was both lighthearted and so deep, funny and serious. It sparked conversation about purpose and truth and time travel. We loved every minute and every page. Cannot wait to move onto book two!” — Amazon Review