O Heavy Lightness: A Guide for Lent and Holy Week

O Heavy Lightness: A Guide for Lent and Holy Week


What if we could understand the full story, the HOW and the WHY of Jesus’ journey from the manger to the cross?

When you purchase O Heavy Lightness, you get:

  • A 12-page PDF guide to the church calendar and observing Lent and Holy Week.

  • 47 daily devotions in PDF and audio form that include:

    • The Request for Presence

    • Daily Scripture and Devotional Thought

    • Call to Action

    • A Daily Song

    • A Daily Visual Meditation

You can use the PDF download in your e-reader or computer, or have each meditation sent directly to your inbox daily (choose your option at check-out).

In this season, I invite you to hold the tension that knows rejoice and lament in the same space. Let’s walk through the Heavy Lightness together.

See below for more info and FAQs.


Lent is the most unsexy of the church seasons. Everyone can get excited about Advent. There’s a baby. He’s very cute, there are animals, and we get presents. Pentecost is weird and almost-magical: tongues of fire? *sits up* Yes, I am interested. But Lent is dark. The themes of Lent are self-denial, penance, and sorrow. You deny yourself, make yourself uncomfortable. You think about your own impending demise a lot. No one really wants to do that.

To be frank, Lent is unmarketable.

We do a great job of rejoicing in the resurrection, but sometimes we leave off the part where we found out what Jesus was resurrected from. That portion of the service was a footnote. 

Instead of just pastel-colored eggs, we’d see the bread and wine.

Instead of just fancy hats, we’d see a crown of thorns.

Instead of just frilly Easter baskets, we’d see a heavy cross.

Instead of running away from the tension, we’d embrace it.

I hope you’ll consider joining me and unpacking what Easter means against the backdrop of Lent and Holy Week.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • When will my physical copy ship?

    • O Heavy Lightness: A Guide to Lent and Holy Week is a digital product. You’ll receive a link to download the document on February 6, 2019 to the email address provided at check-out.

  • I want to read this on my e-reader. Can I do that?

    • Your link to download will include a link for an .EPUB version of the guide, so yes you can!

  • Do I have to be Anglican to use this guide?

    • Nope!

  • When does Lent begin?

    • This year it starts on March 6th.

  • I want to print this out and have it bound at Office Depot. Is that okay?

    • Of course!

  • I have a question you didn’t answer here.

    • You can email me here and I’ll do my best to answer you quickly!