May's Book

I love Jill Lepore, and have read her book The Secret History of Wonder Woman, as well as Book of Ages (about Benjamin Franklin's sister, Jane), and Mansion of Happiness (which I'm not sure I can even describe what it's about other than "life and death" but it is fascinating). I finally got around to picking up These Truths, which is a look at whether or not the United States has honored its commitment to upholding the self-evident truths it was founded on. I'm not quite finished, but it is a great start for those of us who were taught a very white-dude-centric version of the land that became the United States and want to do a little reprogramming. May I also say that my reading has skyrocketed since I broke down and got a Kindle (I just saw this model is $20 off today on a one-day deal!)? I'm still buying physicals, but it's freeing me up to quickly enjoy books I know I just want to read and never think about again.

Erin Moon