What I Loved in May

Instagram Follow: @labmuffinbeautyscience - Michelle is a chemist and debunks all the dumb skincare and beauty myths. 
Favorite Piece of Mr. Rogers Media: Mr. Rogers Had a Simple Set of Rules for Talking to Children via The Atlantic
Podcast: To Live and Die in LA (I seriously went to the gym and walked for two hours so I could finish this podcast)
Amazon Purchase: I bought this dress for London because I want to look European but also my undercarriage needs breathability, ya heard?
Favorite Parenting Hack: @mamasystems put me on to this feelings wheel, that helps older kids identify the emotions they are feeling at any given time. We use it at dinner to talk about our day.
Skincare: Your favorite Everywoman Beauty 'Grammer Jamie Golden has given into peer pressure and started a website, chronicling her favorite skincare and makeup. Now everyone can get the same benefit I receive by sitting next to Jamie in an office every day. This probably isn't new news to you, but in case it is, go ye therefore and gather ye rosebuds, etc.

Erin Moon