Rapid Fire from May

1. What's your go-to stress reliever? -- @simplygiann
The Calm app (I'm gonna keep talking about the Calm app), Brene Brown is making me more aware of my breathing, reading Alison Weir books, and sadly, exercise. I'm sorry that it does exactly what it claims to do.

2. How do you find babysitters? We live 1000 miles from both sets of grandparents. -- @shscochrane
Y'all heard about the Wyndy app?

3. How amazing is your handwriting? -- @tasha.t.roberts
It's v amazing thank you for noticing.

4. A regret that you came to terms with. -- @dreafranz
Buying our house without selling the other one.

5. Favorite hidden food/drink gem in Birmingham? -- @laurenwhock
Food: Hot Box at Parkside (get the lemongrass fried chicken) or Blue Pacific (thai food in a gas station), Drink: The Collins Bar

6. Why should I see Rocket Man over Aladdin this weekend? -- @jessspain17
It's better (unless you have kids or don't do rated-R).

7. What's your thought on Christine Caine's comment about GOT? -- @em.brew
I hope it was an off-handed remark that she didn't fully think through.

8. Why don't you like Pride and Prejudice? -- @therealmistykarges
I don't like misunderstanding as a plot device.

9. Have you ever worn contacts? -- @heapness

10. Favorite mid-to-late nineties Christian rock album? -- @jubyleebean
Jesus Freak by DCTalk.

11. GOT is over. Where do we go from here? -- @heymandymae
Waiting on GRRM to finish those books and crossing our fingers that His Dark Materials is gonna be good.

12. Favorite fiction book? -- @punky_pierson
Lonesome Dove and Freddy and Fredericka

13. What's the weirdest job you ever had? -- @dolihavila
Elementary school janitor.

14. Was your husband's glacier reaction real or was he hamming it up? -- @ashley_r_west
100% genuine.

15. If every animal were the size of an elephant which would be the most terrifying to you? -- @mrsawt
It's not an animal, but a cockroach.

16. Which Harry Potter character do you most identify with? -- @erchla
Draco Malfoy.

17. Beach read? -- emmyann419
Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter.

18. How do you stay informed and curate, consume, and create such great content without being overwhelmed? -- @christinanottinaturner
I'm frequently overwhelmed.

19. What Biblical character "gets you" the most? -- @givegracelivemercy

20. Favorite devotional that's not fluffy? -- @alishamarieknapp
Sacred Questions by Kellye Fabian.

Erin Moon