Mentioned in Stories in April

What I Loved in April

Instagram follow: Y'all @kelly_bandas is making me LAUGH lately.
Podcast: The Cut on Tuesdays
Music: I can't say I LOVE IT, but we are listening to a heck of a lot of Me! by Taylor Swift
Fascinating Article: The Body Pullers of Syria
Shoes I Love: I bought these shoes for Easter and they are crazy comfortable.
Shows I Haven't Had Time to Watch: The Perfect Date, Extremely Wicked..., Killing Eve
Skincare: Ever since Jamie Golden made me start using retinol, my skin peels about once a week. Now I can beat those flakies to punch with the Boscia Exfoliating Peel Gel. GUYS -- it's very magical.

Mentioned in Stories in April

Instagram Account: @tiny_pep_talks
Obituary: Tim Schrandt of Ridgeway, Iowa
Podcast: The Bible Binge -- Gomer and Hosea
Instagram: @bymariandrew
Video: Do It Debbie's Way: Debbie Reynolds Workout Tape
Clothing: Target's Universal Thread Overalls
Article: Doctors Found Bees in Her Eyes, Eating Her Tears
Article: Kate McKinnon Will Transform Into Elizabeth Holmes in The Dropout
Article: What Does It Mean? Mysterious Mashed Potatoes Perplex a Historic Neighborhood
Accessory: Blue Light Filtering Glasses
Podcast: Potluck - Mashed Potato Mystery
Fun Thing: Target Restock
Clothing: Easter Jumpsuit
App: The Calm App
Fun Thing: Away Luggage
Eats: Dallas -- Royal Blue Grocery
Podcast: The Bible Recap
Eats: Dallas -- Sachet
Instagram Account: @courtclarkcleve
Instagram Account: @katiramer
Instagram Account: @mamasystems
Eats: Dallas -- Velvet Taco
Instagram Account: @justmyenneatype
Fun Thing: Padsicles
Fun Thing:
Instagram Account: @humansofny
Show: Zac Efron on Ellen
Instagram Account: @kelly_bandas
Video: High School Dance Battle with Noah Centineo
Instagram: @scottthepainter
Article: Remembering Progressive Christian Author Rachel Held Evans
Instagram Account: @actualenneagram

April’s Book
I read Sally Rooney's Normal People after hearing her give an interview on The Cut. Here's the thing: her writing is incredible. She wields dialogue so well, and I appreciate how well-formed her characters are: I just don't think I care about them. I'm not invested in them at all. To be fair, I'm probably not smart enough to like Sally Rooney, but it just didn't connect with me.

Erin Moon