Alaska Cruise Tips and Tricks

Y’all were so kind to give me all your suggestions for our upcoming Alaskan cruise. Here’s all your wisdom, plus some internet tried and true tips!

Alaska-specific Tips
Lots of you mentioned rain boots or waterproof boots - I have these!
Go to the moose park by the airport!
Don’t get eaten by a grizzly bear.
Sitka, Ketchikan are both beautiful, historical towns just to visit on their own.
Unless you’re dying to climb a glacier, you’ll probably be okay just flying by one.
Waterproof jacket — here’s mine!
Take the train on the Skagway Passage
Get a selfie stick
There’s a Juneau port stop and bar that has local ale with spruce instead of hops.
Boat to the glaciers
Pack lighter than you think!
It’s so cold, but the weather can change quickly, so…pack a lot?
The Lumberjack show in Ketchikan is great!
Go whale-watching
You’ll probably see whales so you don’t have to go whale-watching. :)
Bring your binoculars (this is very important to Ben Moon, professional birder)
Bring a swimsuit — there are hot tubs!
Bug spray — the mosquitos are terrible
Salmon fishing!
Eat lots of salmon!

Cruise-specific Tips
Unpack your suitcase and store it under the bed to save space.
The back of the boat is the best spot — behind the funnel, no wind, fewer people.
Morning Ease Lemon Ginger by Traditional Medicinals
Bring a sleeping mask (I sleep with a mask every night anyway…here’s mine)
Bring a water bottle for each person
Bring Command Hooks
Bring an over-the-door shoe organizer to store your toiletries
Bring at least two nice outfits for dinner
Book balcony rooms on both sides of the ship at the elevators to see the sights 2x
Bring Lysol and hand sanitizer because norovirus

Erin’s Ideas
I definitely bought a Kindle so I don’t have to schlep a bunch of books.
Lots of travel sites recommend an RFID-blocking travel wallet — here’s what I found!
I’m the most high-maintenance sleeper you know, and I’m not afraid to take my whole routine on the road: The Calm App (also very helpful on planes), gel sleep mask, and melatonin.

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Thanks again for all the good advice!

Erin Moon