What I Loved in March

Instagram follow: My new favorite Instagram follow is @tiny_pep_talks -- y'all. It is so earnest and sweet and don't we just need more of that in our lives? Give it a shot. It's the real deal.
Podcast: Mobituaries by Mo Rocca
Music: The Deep Focus playlist on Spotify
Article That Changed My Morning Mindset: Starting Your Day on the Internet is Damaging Your Brain
Mindless Phone Game: Threes
Thing I Thought I Would Love, But AlasShrill on Hulu. I plan on jumping back into this, and I like some of the social commentaries about our bodies and what they look like and how we navigate that, but I just did not get into this show. I'm sorry Aidy Bryant! I love you so much!
Potential Mistake: I bought thoseoveralls from Universal Thread and I'm not sure if it was the right choice. Like I love them, but can't tell if I'm cute in them. I think I'll wear them anyway. Will report back.

Erin Moon