What I Loved in February

Instagram follow: @themeganbaca is wise and funny and gentle and truth-telling. Go ye therefore and follow her.
General HilarityTrixie McAllister on Instagram (warning: if you are easily offended, Trixie might not be for you)
Music: Margo Price
Skincare (Bargain)The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension
Skincare (Splurge)Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil
MakeupBenefit Pore-fessional Primer
House ThingTarget's Made By Design Oil Diffuser (thank you for making an oil diffuser that doesn't look like something from an adult toy store)
Workout ThingOptimum Nutrition's Essential Amino Energybefore a workout because I am a rower now guys
Life Hack: Cy keeps stealing my keys and hiding them around the house, so I bit the bullet and got some Tiles. They are my new best friends.
Recipe: My Dad's Queso Recipe
Thing: Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners
Cookbook: The Homesick Texan Cookbook by Lisa Fain
Article: That Lady's Queso Doesn't Look Like Queso
Instagram: @donte.colley
Article: On The Spot with Erin Moonon Milk and Honey's Blog
Beauty: Sephora Collection Rouge Lip Tint in Ruby
Podcast: The Big Boo Cast, Episode 132 (where I talk about John Mayer's salvation)
Podcast: The Bible Binge, Season 5 Episode 1: Jezebel
Podcast: Theology of Hustle
Podcast: All Girls Considered with Megan Beam
Recipe: Alton Brown's Pan-Seared Rib-Eye
Documentary: Abducted in Plain Sight on Netflix
Podcast: Arc Stories
Wikipedia Article: Megalodon
Book: I Think You're Wrong, But I'm Listening by Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers
Book: Black is the Body by Emily Bernard
Book: Mom? Dad? What's Sex? by Jessica Thompson and Joel Fitzpatrick
Book: How the Bible Actually Works by Peter Enns
Podcast: Jesus Over Everything with Lisa Whittle
Podcast: Don't Mom Alone
Video: Corndog Dance
Announcement: The Babysitter's Club Reboot on Netflix

I READ THREE BOOKS THIS MONTH. It's a record. Spoiler, I loved them all. First, we're gearing up to have THE TALK with our oldest and I knew I needed some guidance. I've been reading up on the best ways to talk about sex with your kids, and there is some dismal, messy advice books out there. I really loved Mom? Dad? What's Sex? by Jessica Thompson and Joel Fitzpatrick. It's practical, easy to follow, and straight-forward, which is what I need when I'm gonna have to talk about the p's and the v's.

Second, I really really really want you to buy I Think You're Wrong (But I'm Listening) by Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers for everyone you've rolled your eyes at since 2016. This book is so good, so important. It needs to be in everyone's hand before 2020. Sarah and Beth host one of my favorite podcasts, and the way they teach us how to communicate should be mandatory listening for everyone. My idea of sneaking into the home of everyone who has cable news and cutting their cord will probably not solve our problems, but this book might.

Finally, my Bookshelf Shelf Subscription continues to commit itself to excellence with my pick for this past month: Black is the Body by Emily Bernard. HOLY MACKEREL this is a great book. It's short, it's intense, it's fascinating and insanely well-written. Pick this one up.

Erin Moon