Questions from January

1. How did you choose your kids' names? -- @tisunge602

I weirdly got several questions about my kids' names this go-around, probably because it was Marlo's birthday and I used her full name in the post (Marlo Clementine), and people seem to get excited about Clementine. I really wanted to name her just Clementine, but Ben is my Lorne Michaels and he discourages my creativity for the benefit of a potential future in medicine or practicing law. I actually got so angry with Ben over the name of our first child that I took our wedding pictures off the wall. The only thing I ever wanted was to name my child after a character from my favorite novel, Lonesome Dove. When I suggested all iterations of Lonesome Dove names, I was laughed at. The only logical thing to do was to remove any evidence I ever loved this man. It was pretty rich that a guy who wanted to name our children anything from The Legend of Zelda was laughing at character names from a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, but it's fine, I'm obviously over it. I profoundly divorced him in my heart at that moment. Almost all of our kids are named for family: Alice (Ben's grandmother), Holland (my family has had a Holland in our family every three generations and we unwittingly followed the pattern), Clementine (my great-great grandfather's little sister), and Andrew (my brother is Adolphus Andrew Hicks the V, so Andrew is a THING) are all family names. I got real deep into our account. We chose Marlo because we felt very strongly about one of our children having an alliteration name, and I conceded on Cyrus because I was either going to name my only son after my dad and grandfather, or Ben would need to find a new wife. So when he suggested Cyrus Andrew, I immediately nicknamed him Cy, and we shook on it then and there. We formalize all our agreements with a handshake, do you not?

2. Why do you call your home the Lunar Module? -- @marilynlegiehn

You know how homes in Jane Austen's time had names? I've always been obsessed with that. Why don't we name our homes anymore? The first place Ben and I ever lived, we called Moon Landing (because our last name is Moon and I* think I'm hilarious). When we moved to Nashville for fifteen minutes, we called our apartment the Lunar Rover (I think we did anyway, I've blocked a lot of that out). We continued the trend when we moved into our current home and dubbed it the Lunar Module. I would like for this trend to catch on: please everyone name your home and tag me in it. Let's name our homes again!

3. I am an Enneagram newbie (1w2). Husband is fascinated but hates reading. Any suggestions on podcasts? -- @meltheshortturnbow
This broken world is full of so many wonderful resources on the Enneagram, God bless it. Does hating to read include audiobooks? If not, I suggest the audio versions of The Road Back To You and The Complete EnneagramIf so, there are lots of great podcasts that are either just about the Enneagram, or touch on the topic. The Enneagram episode of The Liturgists, TypologyThe Enneagram Journey with Suzanne Stabile: just a few to get you going. I assume all these are good. I'm a three, which means you know I only listened to the episodes that relate to my number.

* @thelazygenius - does this satisfy your request to know who the naming genius of our home is? It's me. Marlo is a one-hit wonder.

Erin Moon