Questions from February

1. One day in Birmingham -- picks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? + drinks and snacks if you want. -- @amsbelle

This is such a great question, and it gives me an opportunity to tell you about my dear friend Courtney Cleveland and her perfect travel podcast: All The Best Days. Seriously, if you're not following Courtney on Instagram (@courtclarkcleve), you're missing out on the delightful shenanigans of her three children, her husband Michael's ever-present buttcrack (WHICH IS A GIFT WE DO NOT DESERVE), and some great skincare experiments. She also does these favorite things parties on the 'gram that I live for. ANYWAY @amsbelle, Courtney is a professional traveler and hosts All The Best Days, where she interviews locals and helps craft a perfect day in any city. All my picks for your question are given and meaningfully expounded upon on my episode (click here to listen). Let me just give you a spoiler that I care deeply about food and I do you RIGHT. 

2. If you had to online date, what would be your strategy? -- @rivers.brunson

I love this question because I do feel as though I'd be a great online dater. I am currently 2:2 on online dating profiles I've written for friends to actual marriages that resulted in those profiles (guys my rule here is that I have to KNOW you in real life and I have to have 1 drink in me to do this properly), so my best advice would be to ignore pics and triage the funniest or most interesting bios first. Think about it this way: it honestly doesn't matter if a person is pretty if they can't string together a sentence. I would immediately disqualify anyone using excessive emojis (unless it was part of a joke), anyone who says they like coffee (EVERYONE LIKES COFFEE THIS IS NOT ORIGINAL), or anyone with the phrase "I just like to have fun." I've profile-surfed in the apps of some of my friends and I'll grant you that it can be dismal. But don't ever go on a date with someone who says they "just like to have fun." They get a certain number of characters in those bios and they choose to use 17 of them to tell you the most banal descriptive ever uttered? You do not need that in your life. If someone cannot be bothered to sit for 90 seconds to think up something more interesting about themselves in place of "I just like to have fun" then they can't be bothered to BE more interesting. You're gonna be married to this slice of frozen grocery store cheese pizza? No. I would also steer clear of folks not capitalizing proper nouns because that's sociopathic behavior. 

3. What hair products do you use? -- @ellenvroberts
Living Proof Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment
Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo
Kristin Ess Dry Finish Working Texture Spray
OGX Shea Sleek Humidity Blocking Hairspray (3 Pack)

BONUS: The first masterpiece you wrote involved a stone path. May I share it? -- @htb_elizabeth
Guys, never, no matter how close you are, trust anyone with poetry you wrote in the 6th grade when you were pining for a certain boy. They will be one of your dearest friends, but they will never let you forget it, they will keep the original and back-up copies, and they will use it as black-mail until you die.

Erin Moon