Favorites from Year 35, or Keep This List Handy.

Welcome to this list of all my favorites from year 35.

Overall PodcastBinge Mode. All Day. All Night. Other Dimensions. I love it (there is a LANGUAGE WARNING)
Podcast Episode That Helped My LifeDesign a Rhythm of Work - Theme Days on The Next Right Thing
Podcast That Freaked Me Out: The Snapchat Thief by Reply All
Podcast That Helped Me TravelAll the Best Days by Courtney Clark Cleveland
Podcast That I Binged When I Discovered It: The Cut on Tuesdays by Gimlet
Podcast That I Worked OnThe Bible Binge
True Crime Podcast: Bear Brook
Podcast Turned Into BookThe Next Right Thing by Emily P. Freeman
Small Thing That Made Me Feel Better: Starting off every day with a glass of water.
Most Tear-Inducing VideoJohn Mayer sings "How Great Thou Art"
Music VideoThe Jonas Brothers -- Sucker
Favorite Netflix: Queer Eye
Favorite Amazon Prime: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Favorite HuluPEN15
Talk ShowPatriot Act with Hasan Minaj
SNL SketchLobster Diner
Favorite Movie I Saw in a TheaterA Star Is Born
Best New MusicMaggie Rogers
Most Played MusicMaggie Rogers
Favorite Celebrity on InstagramJohn Mayer
Favorite Celebrity IRLSophie Turner (especially after this video)
Favorite Out of Town Restaraunt: Au Cheval in Chicago // Tyler's BBQ in Amarillo, TX
Favorite Birmingham Restaraunt (Splurge)Hot and Hot Fish Club
Favorite Birmingham Restaraunt (Budget)Saw's BBQ
Favorite Candle That Dupes for Anthropologie CandlesIsland Moonlight from Target
Favorite Cleaning Product: Y'all. Whoever tiled our bathroom before we moved in didn't bother to seal the grout, so it was an actual health hazard. I've tried everything to get the mold off, and nothing worked until we brought the big guns out. This stuff may be it's own special kind of health hazard, but it worked WITHOUT ANY SCRUBBING. I'm a believer: RMR-86 Instant Mold Stain and Mildew Stain Remover
Starbucks OrderBri McKoy's Perfect Starbucks Iced Double Shot recipe (in her Stories highlights)
Coffee HackBri McKoy's Cold Brew Iced Coffee (in her Stories highlights)
Whole Beans: Non-Fiction China
Ice CreamBlue Bell Butter Crunch
Chick-Fil-A Hack: Jordan Emmitt taught me that if you punch out the middle hole in your nugget box, you can thread it through your straw for maximum Chick-Fil-A car points. It works like a charm.
Trader Joe's Thing: Cornbread Crisps
Favorite RecipeChange Your Life Chicken from The Lazy Genius
Subscription BoxFabFitFun 
Tech: I bought an Apple Watch in the middle of a panic attack to see if I was in AFib (I was not), but I kept it because I really love it. And I love trying to close my rings every day because it's a goal and I love goals.
Lil Gadget: I am obsessed with my magnetic car mount.
BookshelvesThe bookshelves that are in my living room! 
Study BibleThe NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible (I don't even use the NIV, but I love this Bible!)
Daily Devotional/Prayer ThingThe Divine Hours by Phyllis Tickle
PenPilot G2
Planner: Get to Work Book (The only planner I've ever consistently used)
App (Shopping): The Target app (mainly for that BOSS Drive-Up Pick-Up feature)
App (Eating): My beloved Chick-Fil-A app
App (My Brain)Calm (this has CHANGED my sleeping habits)
Book (Fiction)That Kind of Mother by Rumaan Alam
Book (Non-Fiction)Small Fry by Lisa Brennan-Jobs
Book (For Moms)Mom Up by Kara-Kae James (A little bonus goodness for this book: it has how long it takes to read each chapter and a suggested reading location, which is BRILLIANT)
Book (Spiritual Memoir)Remember God by Annie F. Downs
Book (Being Anglican)The Anglican Way by Fr. Thomas McKenzie
BrasThirdLove 24/7 Classic T-shirt Bra  (y'all THESE BRAS!)
Lip Tint: Sephora Collection Rouge Lip Tint
Skin Care (Splurge)Skinceutical CE Ferulic Acid (I'm sorry but it is magic)
Skin Care (Budget): Palmers Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Cleansing Oil (lasts forever and works like a charm)
Lotion: Hannah Kody told me about this and it smells INCREDIBLE. My only gripe is the bottle is not the best.
Instagram Account (Overall)@humansofny
Instagram Account (Serving the Business): @blackcoffeewithwhitefriends
Instagram Account (Making Me Chortle): @trixiemcallister
Instagram Account (Holiness and Donkeys): @bethmoorelpm
Helpful WebsiteVote411.org
Easiest Way to Contact My RepsResistBot
Best Email Newsletter: The 54321 by BT Harman

Erin Moon